Monday, December 10, 2007

Crazy people living in my house: Ty and Jayné

I first met Ty when at LosCon. He walked up to me wearing a nametag that said "Slash", short for his internet handle "Slash the Berzerker". My then boyfriend had made some forum postings about us, and so, just like your parents warn you, this random guy was able to track me down. We've been friends ever since and started co-writing together a few months later. I saw him at several other get-togethers and got to meet his lovely wife, Jayné.

Fast forward seven years and I'm living back in New Mexico, married. Ty and I are back to talking every day about a video game deal, and Ty, Jayné, my husband, and I begin to share this very special bond. An almost sacred bond. You of course know what I mean. We started playing World of Warcraft together. At around this time Ty and Jayné were thinking of moving and with some not so subtle manipulation on our part, we got them to move to New Mexico.

Of course, their house sold in less than 48 hours (Jayné is a home equity machine, very talented at design, wordwoorking, landscaping, you name it) and Trevor and I persuaded them to come live with us while they house-hunted.

So you know how Char was nuts, cooking meals and all that? Ty and Jayné are just as crazy. They'd buy groceries and cook. Jayné began landscaping our front yard and would start scrubbing the kitchen whenever she got stressed (took me a while to believe it wasn't my kitchen stressing her). Ty co-wrote a story with me, and Jayné proofread my novel. She was one of the first non-LDS people to read it and her feedback was invaluable.

We weren't able to keep them secret, though. Ty now works as George RR Martin's personal assistant and is running an RPG for most of the members of Critical Mass. Jayné is in architecture school. These are two more people whom I don't know what I'd do without.

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