Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jumper by Steven Gould

Just got this email of a link to the movie poster for Jumper. It's a great poster, and I'm excited to see this movie when it comes out next year. I already know it isn't all that much like the book, but still, the fundamental premise is so cool, I'm interested to see what they do with it. For anyone who doesn't know, Jumper is about a troubled teen who has the power to teleport. After finishing this post, here, I'm going to go review it on Shelfari.

Steve Gould was one of my instructors at Viable Paradise, which is an excellent workshop I'd recommend to anyone. Steve and I are also both New Mexicans, so I see him and his wife, Laura Mixon (also a writer, who will get her own blogpost later) every few months or so. Great people. Oh, and by the way, according to Steve, the book title is pronounced "Yumper".

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