Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Private Detective Molly, by A.B. Goelman

Ari, a.k.a. A.B. Goelman was another one of my Clarion West classmates. While we were at the workshop, he wrote one of my many favorite stories of all time, Bird of Paradise. Did that one ever get published, Ari?

I just finished reading his story, Private Detective Molly, on Strange Horizons, and loved it. Ari is able to hit notes of whimsy interspersed with notes of heart-wrenching tragedy without downplaying either aspect. He also writes under the name Adam Ferguson, as he did for his short story, The Prophet, on Dragons, Knights, and Angels.

On top of writing great stories, he also makes a mean miso soup.

EDIT: Okay, Ari just emailed me to let me know that Bird of Paradise is still unsold. This is tragic, as it's a beautiful story. The main character is a young girl named Tzipporah and the setting is Argentina during World War Two. Of the 96 stories I read at Clarion, this one still remains clear in my memory. I hope it finds a home somewhere, sometime.


  1. Hi, Emily. I just bought "Bird of Paradise" yesterday for Talebones! -Patrick

  2. Yay! More proof of your excellent taste :-)