Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jack Williamson remembered on Mars

I just got back from the Jack Williamson Lectureship a few hours ago, where some wonderful news broke. Patricia Roberts, fan, friend, and all around angel to the science fiction community was the one to make the announcement. She herself learned the news this past Tuesday.

A land feature on Mars has been named after Jack Williamson, and near to it are ones named after Roger Zelazny and Arthur C. Clark. Pat is responsible for this thanks to her willingness to go up and talk to one of the scientists who contributed to the Martian naming protocols. She saw him give a presentation at the Natural History Museum in Albuquerque. It was she who suggested that they make a protocol using the names of science fiction authors, and they have. Right now it is only the names of deceased authors.

This naming comes in what would have been Jack's 100th year, were he still with us. He was born in 1908.

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