Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mighty Mur

Well, the bad news first. I can't get a copy of Playing For Keeps from Amazon!!!! It's sold out at the moment. This doesn't really matter, though, as it is being published by a POD press, so restocking will be fast.

I guess I should point out that the good news is that my Viable Paradise classmate, Mur Lafferty, has been in the top 30 on Amazon for the past couple of days, even cracking the top twenty for a while there. This is always an impressive accomplishment, made even more so by the fact that this is a small press release and doesn't have the publicity of a big publishing house behind it.

Mur and I were in the same crit session at Viable Paradise when she workshopped the first part of this novel, and even then, a couple of years ago, it was very polished and well put together. I look forward to reading it once I can get my paws on a copy of the finished product.

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