Monday, October 6, 2008

Back again, finally

I think I'm ready to stay home for a while now. We got back yesterday and I need to get writing. Sadly, this last weekend was so whirlwind that I didn't get any work on my novel done, and this day has been so insane that I'm just now sitting down to it.

That's all right. I'll do my best to get going again on this novel and work my way back up to cruising speed. Breaks can knock me out of my groove, but they usually leave me feeling more able to write for longer and do more edits. Even if my body hasn't rested, I guess my muse has.

Meanwhile I'm just now getting fat enough that I've had to abandon a lot of my regular clothes, but I'm not really fat enough for maternity wear. My wardrobe is just really limited. No one who doesn't know me well can see that I'm showing, but I definitely notice. That, and my feet get tired a little more easily, what with the extra weight I'm carrying. I've gained about 15 pounds.


  1. There are some really cute maternity clothes! You could get them larger for later if you want more wardrobe options.

  2. I have a bunch of maternity clothes and they're still a little too big. I'll just wait out being an in-between size.

    And thanks, Melanie! I consider the due date my absolute deadline to get my writing projects done.