Saturday, December 6, 2008

Denver trip

Haven't blogged because I've been in Denver, something I figured I'd wait until my return to advertise, because letting people know my house would be empty seemed like a dumb idea. The trip itself wasn't vacation, but I did get to see some good friends. A major bright spot was the chance to have lunch with Mike Bateman, who told me about a novella he'd just submitted to a pro market. On the car drive home I got a text message letting me know it sold! So congratulations, Mike.

I got part of my next YA novel outline done and Trevor's been diligently reading the LDS novel. Char, in her usual insane efficiency has already finished and given me some great feedback. She managed to finish even though she got called in at the last minute to defend her PhD proposal. I think I know how to fix the 3rd act of this book, but I'll see if Trevor concurs.

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