Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Passed the test

The good news is that I don't have gestational diabetes. The bad news was that I had to do the three hour version of the test this morning, during a snowstorm. That was not fun. Trevor's work was closed for the day, so he was able to drive me and stay with me. For anyone who doesn't know, the test for diabetes is to do something to your body no diabetic should do. First, fast for eight hours, then drink a glucose solution and have just that in your system for another three hours. It made for much uckiness, and the testers kept telling me that if I threw up, the test was void.

The reason I did this during a snowstorm was because I couldn't get a straight answer out of my midwife about what I should do if I had gestational diabetes, and this was the only way I could get access to a dietitian, if I needed one. That was irritating, as I want to stay on top of any health issues that crop up. Given that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, had I waited, I would have had to wait several days to get the answers I wanted.

But, that's all done, and I passed. Yesterday I talked to Char on the phone regarding last tweaks to my novel, and I also got a nice long email of feedback from an agent who had looked at the partial of my SF novel. That I consider quite flattering, given agents don't have time to do that with every random person who wants representation. It'll mean rewriting the novel, but potentially landing an agent who's shown he's willing to work with me and take the time to help my writing develop. Definitely a plus!

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