Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ready for this week to be over

Right now I'm alternating good and bad days. One day I'll get stuff done and feel all right, the next is an utter train wreck. The problem is that I'm building up a massive sleep deficit this week and am trying very hard to break the cycle. One day I force myself to rest, even though I can't sleep, the next I get fed up with everything that isn't done and just work. The problem is, I need to not do the "on" days, but that's annoying.

Yesterday I got the rough draft of my YA SF story done and sent out to Critical Mass. Today I worked on the outline of my YA fantasy novel. My next task is to put the final editing magic into my LDS novel and get it all tightened up and properly balanced. For this I need "on" days, and I need to figure out if I should force myself to rest a couple of days in the hopes of breaking the cycle of insomnia, or just go manic for a week, get this project done, and then take the consequences. Of course "manic" means six hours or so of work a day. Man am I tired of this disorder, whatever it is! I envy anyone who can stay up and do stuff for a full day. Nothing's more frustrating than being awake, unable to sleep, and yet too out of it to actually do anything but lie still and hope that adds up to some rest. Anyhow, I'll make my self-imposed deadline on this book; it's coming together pretty well. The miracle I needed is taking shape and the plot is patching together organically. It'll be mellower than my first LDS novel, in how it ends. This one is definitely a downer of a plot in most ways. Looking at the state of my health, I just can't imagine why ;-)

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