Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Survivor

Yeah, I've been writing for most of my day today. It's rewriting. Survivor's more interesting, especially watching Brendan lie with a straight face and still manage to be likable. Well, I might feel different if I were on the show with him, but that's not something I think I'd ever try to do. Anyone watching the show who hasn't seen Episode 3, spoiler alert.

Brendan's got the immunity idol, and is very popular with his tribe. No idea how far he'll go; I don't normally watch the show so I don't have insightful predictions about how the group dynamics work, but it would seem that this is a recipe for going very far. I have to hand it to him, he is very good at games.

Meanwhile, I'm exhausted. Last night was another night without sleep, and your brain starts doing weird stuff when you get this deprived. I had a couple of days of the kind of insomnia people envy - what most people think of when they think insomniac. Boundless mental energy and sharpness. I took a four week online digital scrapbooking course in two days and can now scrapbook on Photoshop Elements faster than I could on Shutterfly (and Shutterfly's got a real easy interface). My retention of what I learned was near 100% after seeing the techniques just once. But then today the energy started to wane. I am still up for hours and hours on end, but even placing pictures on the page is taking me hours, not because I've forgotten how to do it, but because I can't focus enough to not make the pages look dumb. I'm getting stupid again.

So I save what mental energy I have for writing and otherwise am sort of sitting around, useless. Three more weeks until my due date.

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