Monday, March 16, 2009

Becoming a hermit, please don't take offense

In these last days/weeks of my pregnancy, I'm withdrawing as much as I can from other people. Anyone who really wants to know the various due dates I've been given can no doubt find them on this site. I won't be giving the latest date out any more, simply because it doesn't really tell us what day the baby's coming, but rather seems to be providing a deadline that people can use to time their "is it here yet???" questions. I've been given *four* different due dates by two doctors. To say this is an imprecise science is an understatement.

People have been wonderfully kind, supportive, and very excited about us having a baby, and I can't tell you all how much that means to me. The cumulative effect, however, is getting rather crushing. And please, don't take that as an invitation to call up and sympathize with how many people harassed you near your due date. I love you all; I need a break from the constant stories/advice/questions/commiserations/etc. Really, I'm good. I have all the information I want and know how to get more.

We'll let everyone know when the baby's here, and no, we don't promise to do it immediately. We may feel like shouting it from the rooftops and posting on Facebook from the hospital. We may feel like going home to spend time together as a family for a few days before opening the floodgates and inviting visitors, simply because we want to be able to welcome visitors with open arms and happiness. We'll see how this all goes. The baby could be here in a couple of days, or may not come for a week or more. I'm going to work on being as relaxed and comfortable as I can be until then.

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  1. *waves back*
    Go get a pedicure...pamper're the star of this show until the new one arrives. You deserve've done a LOT of work. :)