Thursday, March 12, 2009

Escape Pod

I haven't kept up with posting my rejections, but here I'll try to get back on the wagon. Escape Pod - which is a great podcast market - sent a rejection a few days ago. This marks the last of my stories that was out in circulation coming back. I've been so tired during my pregnancy that I've let them all come back without sending them out again. It'll be a little while before I get back the energy to get them all in the mail, but that's all right.

Had another doctor's appointment today. Today was also my initial due date. My first OBGYN kept shifting the due date around, then this one that I'm seeing went back to my original records and set the due date for next Wednesday. The doctor asked if I wanted to be induced or if I was still doing okay. I feel my body being stretched to its limits; I now have a hard time lying down for more than a couple of hours and my ribs ache all the time, but that, I gather, is how it goes. I am going to wait until the due date to decide whether to keep waiting or not.

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