Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book to come out July 2010

According to my editor, my next LDS book is slated to come out in July 2010. That's subject to change, of course. As it is, that's about ideal for me. It isn't so far in the future that I feel like it'll never happen, and it gives me more than a year with that nice feeling that I've got something under contract. It's rather soothing on days when my writing isn't going as I want it to.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the Chinese themed story for that anthology. I have the idea and a rough outline and now I'm just redrafting and redrafting to get a good start. This is normal. I throw away many more words than I keep, and this one has to come in under 6,000 words, so I'll be keeping a smaller percentage than usual. My natural length is about 7,000 words.

The concept is a fun one, I think, and something that I hope no one else subbing will think of. Always a concern of mine when writing for a themed anthology.

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