Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chinese themed anthology

I've received an invitation to submit a story to a Chinese themed SF/fantasy anthology. The deadline's at the end of June, which means I need to work fast. While I like to write ethnic themed fantasy, I've never really delved into my Chinese roots. I've done a lot with southwestern culture, because that's what I grew up with.

Half my family is Chinese and the older generation is very traditional. People often ask me about them and about how our family reunions are (aside from an Asian meal at some point, during which we sometimes observe old customs for seating arrangements, they're usually just a vacation somewhere). I get that it's rather foreign to people and fascinating, so I really ought to delve a little. China is, obviously, a big place so even if this anthology gets a dozen Chinese-North American writers (at least one of the editors is from Canada), it's entirely possible that the cultural flavor of each could be quite different.

Anyway, I need to get to work on that story! I'm going to take a crack at the outline tonight.

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