Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ghost nanny

So... my husband and I slept through the night, and when we woke up, our baby was sleeping soundly, but someone had switched off his motion sensor monitor and the bottle of milk in the fridge we had for him was empty. Neither Trevor nor I recalls getting up to feed him, which means one of us sleepwalks. The fact that the person used the bottle of milk indicates it's Trevor, as that'd be unnecessary extra work for me, but since I'm the insomniac on sleep meds, there's also a very good possibility it's me. Either that, or someone else broke into our house, fed our child, and left without a trace. I guess this is one solution to baby-induced exhaustion.

I'm about halfway through my Chinese themed anthology story. Then I've got edits on my LDS novel to do. I've had a couple of very good days with my son where I've managed to keep him happy and entertained while I write. That's the nice thing about having a little portable computer; I can be wherever he is.

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