Monday, May 25, 2009

Proofs for Root and reading for Critical Mass

I just got the proof version of my short story, Root, which will appear in Shiny's Issue Five. There's nothing like working on a sold piece to lift the spirits.

This past week I haven't meant to ignore my blog, but I and my computer haven't always been in the same place. Trevor and I have been zipping back and forth between my parents' house and our own in order to look after my parents' pets while they're on travel. I also had a ton of reading to do for Critical Mass.

Which is another thing that I find very uplifting. Reading because the authors of the pieces want me to. On the docket this last week was an urban fantasy by S.M. Stirling, which I will highly recommend, a legal thriller/urban fantasy by another CM member who will write it under a pen name (they've got several other projects both out and in the works that are rather different, so they're branding this one), a very interesting, insightful science fiction novel by Terry England, and more of Ian Tregillis's trilogy, which I just can't recommend highly enough.

It took me three full days of reading to get through it all (wish all my chores were that engrossing.) Now I've got to do the rewrite of my short story for the Chinese themed anthology, the edits on my LDS novel, and the rewrite on my YA SF story that I will try to get into an anthology Walter Jon Williams got me invited to submit to. Wish me luck there!

Meanwhile, I try to get out and do something at least once a day because my son finds me terribly boring when he's stuck at home with me. I don't suppose I can blame him. Tomorrow it will be a trip to buy more thank you notes, because I've sent out four kits worth and still have a ton more. People have been so generous! Really, it's been staggering.

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