Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Done! Well almost... after this re-read and I fix this one thing....

I'm pretty much done with the edits on my next LDS novel. I'm to that stage where I know I should just quit but I keep wanting to pick at things and move commas around, etc. I told my editor I'd have it to her tomorrow (as anyone in a self-motivate or perish career can tell you, emailing promises is a good way to impose deadlines on yourself.)

The Very Small Array, a listserv of southwestern speculative fiction writers (and editors, and friends of either category, and people who don't really live anywhere near the southwest) was kind enough to brainstorm titles for me. One that stuck out to me was Hidden Portraits (thanks Terry!). My editor likes Paint Me True (I forget who gave me that one... but thanks!) Now that she's pointed it out, I can see that it's a good title. It'd be ever so daring for me, though, because it has a verb in it. Nearly all of my titles are nouns. In fact, all but one story I've ever sold have nouns for titles.

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