Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chain Maille, I'm addicted

So I got my chain maille bracelet kits yesterday and started on a bracelet. As I worked, I remembered how it always is with knitting or crocheting a blanket. It'll look almost done for the last third of the way, and you have to make it longer than looks right. Makes finishing a project tedious.

I sat on the floor doing chain maille, and thank goodness my mother stopped me to measure it against her bracelets. I was done! I could get used to that. My hands aren't even all that sore from manipulating little metal rings, so I'll keep going with this hobby. This one I hope to make self-sustaining by selling the final product. I'm reading up on the jewelry business, but I'll probably start with Etsy.

That and I wrote 15,000 yesterday and read many times that today to prepare for Critical Mass tomorrow night. Being busy's nice when it's all stuff you want to do.

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