Sunday, January 10, 2010

Worst. Crossing. Ever.

We're finally here, in the UK, staying with friends. When our flight in Albuquerque got canceled, Trevor went out to get us booked on another one, and they ended up requiring all of us to come out from behind the security checkpoint in order to check in with another airline. Then we sat at the ticket counter for an hour and a half while the airlines bickered about how to handle our tickets. In total I went through security twice, and Trevor had to go three times.

We then made it to Chicago, where we went to check in and learned we had no tickets for the connecting flight. Fortunately, this was with Aer Lingus and they handled all of that while we waited at the gate. This means we only had to go through security once, as we went from the domestic terminal to the international one. Our flight was delayed, but by 9pm we were on our way.

This morning we landed in Dublin (not a city that was on our original route) and had to clear immigration and security to get to our connecting flight, which was canceled. In order to even get into the airport, we had to go down an icy ramp and across the asphalt - our son lost his pacifier on the way, poor little guy. Aer Lingus booked us on another flight, but we had to go out and go back through immigration and security.

The new flight was late, and we arrived in Heathrow eight and a half hours after our original flight, and in those eight and a half hours we didn't have a single regular layover where we could do things like feed our baby or get food. Trevor has been through security six times on this trip, and I've been through five. I think that's a new record.

So, okay, it wasn't the worst crossing *ever*. The Titanic had it quite a bit worse, for example, but it was the worst I've ever weathered, and I've done this trip over a dozen times. We're just glad to be here now and to be safe! Now we need to work on getting an apartment.


  1. Sorry to hear about your miserable experience, but at least you've arrived now. Good luck on finding a suitable flat!

  2. Oh man...nothing worse than security with a baby. Glad you arrived safely, although probably minus a bit of sanity. :)