Saturday, February 20, 2010

The computer saga continues

Well, today we're buying a monitor and printer, just in case we actually have a use for them next week. Our computer remains in the custody of British customs as they decide whether or not they will let us have it without charging us VAT. Last week we got the ransom letter, and I called in to explain that it was an old computer that we brought with us on a move, not a new computer we bought from the States to get around VAT.

The person I spoke to emailed a form to Trevor for him to fill out stating this was so. Only, when I messaged Trevor a little while later, he hadn't gotten the form. A couple of hours after that, he got it sorted out; they'd emailed it to the wrong address.

Trevor printed the form, brought it home, and we filled it out. Then he scanned it and emailed it along with a letter from his university that was required.

The next day we learned that the recipient of said email only downloaded the university letter and missed the other attachment, so they didn't have our form. So on Thursday, Trevor re-emailed the form. They should have it now and the fate of our machine should be decided soon. And then it should be delivered. Maybe Monday?

I'm glad I got into jewelry making before we left. As cliche as it sounds, I really do go a little nuts if I don't have something creative to do alongside writing, and for a long time that was digital scrapbooking, which requires said computer. The hypocritical thing is that I tend to mock people who claim that they just can't live without their art, but honestly, it's because I think 9 out of 10 of those people are lying. It's an act put on to appear artsy, because for some reason people think it's cool to have this type of obsessive disorder. I don't tend to go on and on about how I need my art. I'm too busy doing it, I guess. Speaking of which....

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