Monday, March 15, 2010

Emily Mah Jewelry Designs is in business!

Okay, so I have just spent nearly five hours getting all the listings up in my Etsy shop, so this blogpost is sure to be short. My eyes are going out of focus even as I type this :-)

This blog is going to still be mainly about writing, but as you can see (or will see shortly if you're reading this the very moment after I post it) I've got links to my jewelry designs and shop here too. I guess this'll diversify the Emily Mah brand a little.

This is the first non-Sunday in a long time that I haven't done any writing. I'm instead going to do some jousting in World of Warcraft. Anyone on the Stormrage server, I'm the dranei shaman that keeps running back and forth between the stable and the jousting ring between losing matches.

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