Monday, March 29, 2010

Novel draft DONE!!!

Hrm, once I have a little more time I'm going to set up a stand alone Jewelry page, so that this blog goes back to being all about writing. Today's been crazy because I bought a showcase spot on Etsy, and this required me to have ten different designs to put in said showcase (well, it was't required, but seemed stupid not to use all the slots they gave me). I made several pendants while working on my novel.

But the draft novel is done, and now I go into rewrites, which I'll devote the rest of this week to. Then it's time to send this thing out to agents and start the cycle of submission, rejection, and despair that separate the wannabe authors from the sane. This one's not going to be easy because of the level of emotion I've invested, but there's little point trying to do this the "easy" way.

This upcoming weekend is EasterCon, where I'll get to see my Clarion West classmates, Stephanie Burgis (her book's out this year!!!) and Patrick Samphire. One of our instructors, Ellen Datlow, is also attending. I've been so absorbed in moving and jewelry that I haven't connected with the SF community out here at all, so on Saturday I hope to change all that.

My church has General Conference this weekend, and it'll be odd this time to watch so much of it as its rebroadcast (saves having to stay up all night). Between those meetings on Sunday and a temple trip on Friday, I've got quite a week coming up. Can't wait :-)


  1. Thanks Melanie. The problem with writing a 95,000 word novel, it takes so freakin' long to reread!!! lol

  2. YIPPEE... Congratulations! I'll bet it feels good to have that behind you. By the way, your jewelry is just awesome! Wish I could afford to fly over and try everything on in person... of course, then I wouldn't be able to afford anything after paying for my ticket, etc. Love, Diane B.

  3. Hi Emily, it's Adam Edwards. Remember me from the Tanzania conference on the IB? I'm at Eastercon on Sunday, running a stall and a couple of programme items. Fancy meeting up? I'm on