Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have my computer back!

Well, it took a while to locate a recovery disk for the Alienware, but we did, and now we have a functioning desktop again! I've spent the day doing computer maintenance, defragging drives and scanning registries and stuff like that. I found 1700 registry errors on my brand new netbook, and its drive was 31% defragmented. Gotta love Windows...

But this means I can spend part of the afternoon watching television on my computer with my son. We watch Rachel Maddow, because it's one of the shows we can stream over here. And the Guild, of course. Then I need to get to work on my Etsy shop.

I've got the novel draft about 85% edited, but I'm hitting burnout. I wrote about 60,000 words last week, so taking a break while I wait for people to read my draft will let me recharge some. As much as I like how the book is coming together, there's only so many words I can type before they start coming out as gibberish.

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