Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's the stupidity that gets old...

I didn't sleep last night, which means my brain is fairly useless today. I just screwed up a new scrapbooking project I was doing by saving over a file. It's the second time I've done that. An hour's work, gone. Oh well. I console myself by pointing out that it wasn't great work. I'm too tired.

On days like this, I can't write. Over the years I've tried a million different approaches to this kind of day. One thing I've learned, don't get up and go-go-go. That sends me into a hyper phase that'll last days if not weeks and will make my sleep cycle deteriorate even faster. If I can stay mellow, there's a much better chance that I'll sleep tonight. Some, at least.

And then maybe I'll get my brain back! Many thanks to Char Peery, Samantha Ling, Trevor Tippetts, and Sandra Mah Benzie for reading my book and getting me notes. Such an act of charity, if you ask me. I'm well into rewrites, and I look forward to being able to do more. Once I can do things like keep track of a narrative flow... So far, this blog post is about as long as I can go before rambling off on some other topic, like this morning when the mail came and I got an offer for something that I promptly hid from myself and now I wonder what it is and where I'll find it and if my son will find it first and did it have any stickers or anything like that in it....

I really want to go to sleep :-(

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