Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sale to Jewelry Affaire

This happened a while ago, but I was slow to post it. Many months ago, when I was posting some new jewelry to my Etsy shop, two unexpected things happened. One was that it sold immediately, only the second time I've ever seen that. The other was that I was contacted by a magazine editor and invited to submit to Jewelry Affaire. I made another bracelet and some matching pieces and sent them in, and they chose them for their Autumn 2010 issue. Given jewelry was an almost brand new hobby for me at the time (and still is, if you compare it to all my other hobbies), this was a serious ego booster.

The magazine also has a very on the ball editorial staff and great marketing ideas. They sent me this last night:

Very, very clever of them. It links to the issue that my article and jewelry appears in. (I'm on page 30, if you have the magazine).

This experience also introduced me to Jewelry Affaire, and it is fabulous. There are nine different design sections, each with multiple projects in it. I could spend months working my way through and learning all of the new techniques, so if you are interested in jewelry design, I highly recommend this publication. I hope to submit to them by their next deadline, but we'll see how it goes with me being seven months pregnant.... I may have to wait until the one after.

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