Monday, November 8, 2010

Many thanks, everyone

I always feel guilty on my birthday. So many people have called and posted on my FB wall, and I know I haven't remembered all of their birthdays! But thanks, everyone. I am now thirty five, and spending the day like most others, taking care of my son and writing during his nap time. I'm phasing off my sleep medication, so my productivity is slowly winding down, but this time it seems to be a relatively easy transition. This does mean I'll be slower to blog and slower to respond to emails, etc. I need to be off my medication before my baby is born next month, and then I'll go back on it again.

Meanwhile, the hardest part is adjusting expectations for myself. I usually like to fill my days with productivity, but right now I have to prioritize. I might only work on my science fiction novel today, for example, rather than do that, play around with jewelry designs, call the nearest bookstore about ordering in copies of my romance novel, submit another short story to The Leading Edge, and all the other things I usually could get done in one day. But with a toddler around, I need to conserve energy. No point running myself down and not being able to give him my time and attention. He didn't do anything to deserve a cranky mommy.

On my new, slower schedule, I should have this science fiction novel out to readers Wednesday. I've got it all restructured, but I'm going over it to smooth off rough edges.


  1. I had no idea it was your birthday, but I'll wish you a happy one anyway! And many happy returns of the day, too. It took me a long time to figure out what that phrase means, but now that I know, I use it whenever I can. :D And may your transition from sleep medication continue to be easy.

  2. Happy Birthday! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you... perhaps another year. It was good to "see" you last month. I must admit that it took me back to my childhood when my parents would pull out the old 8mm movie camera. As soon as the camera was running I would be frozen, giving robotic waves to the camera... sort of like the Queen. Guess I haven't changed much over the years!

    You and the boys are in my thoughts all the time. Miss you, -D

  3. Thanks guys! Hope you are both well. And yes, Diane, we'll have to Skype again sometime! My mom will be out here from Dec. 3 onwards.

  4. Thanks Brent. We're getting old, aren't we? Our friendship predates the Reagan Administration!!!