Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being nocturnal

Well, my insomnia's in full swing, which makes it hard to stay upbeat. I'm wide awake all night, while everyone I want to spend time with is asleep, and then it's hard to function during the day. Some nights people can find me playing World of Warcraft - while I'm sleeping so little, it's like there's a constant buzz in my brain. I can't read and follow a story. I don't even want to try to write, because that'll reinforce my nocturnal schedule and I want to shake it. And it wouldn't be very good because of the static sounds in my mind.

Whenever baby gets here, I can go back on my medication and resume sleeping. I'm looking forward to that. I am one of those rare people who actually will sleep more with a newborn than I did before - and I've had people say, "Hey, that's great!" Ye-ah... um... right... Not sure what to say to that, other than, please consider all the implications of what I just said there :-)

My parents are in town, though, and helping out with childcare, which is very kind of them. They also made us dinner tonight and brought me lunch today - way more kindness than I deserve, but which I truly appreciate. They've rented a little apartment down the street and my mother will be here through the birth of the baby. A huge help to us!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the runup to the holidays. I'll blog more about writing and/or jewelry once I have my brain and fine motor skills back.

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