Thursday, December 30, 2010

Slow recovery

I'm always impatient when I have to recover from anything, and this childbirth is no exception. I gather I lost a lot of blood, because I still feel a little weak and light headed two weeks later. When I asked my husband if it was possible that I had lost that much blood, he nodded. I guess I got torn up pretty bad.

Mega thanks goes out to my mother, who has been a lifesaver, looking after our oldest boy and making us gourmet meals. She's done a few night shifts with the baby too, but I'm to the point where I can do more of those, with Trevor's help. Trevor, also, has been amazing. He even managed to get permission to stay in the hospital with me overnight a few times to help with the baby - which is not the hospital's policy.

Meanwhile, I've just learned that my story, The River People, will be in issue #15 of The Black Gate, and I'm excited to see it in print. Just now I replied to the editor's email with the final details for byline and photo credit. That same magazine also purchased another story by me, which will come out in a future issue.

As I recover, I'm casting about for the next story idea. Not that I have shortage of ideas. I need to decide which one I'm most excited about, though. Not sure if I'll do a short story or a novel next. I also need to get my submissions revved up again. I've got a short story to get out in circulation, and still need to do more agent queries on my two novels. At least boredom isn't an issue for me!


  1. Sorry about the slow recovery. It's always hard, but sounds like this one is particularly difficult. I'm so glad that you have help there. Take care of yourself!

  2. Thanks, Abbie! Dare I hope you're recovered from 2010? You had quite a year.