Monday, February 28, 2011

You know you're at a Cohen brothers movie when...

the video is off and there's only sound and it takes at least five minutes for anyone in the audience to figure this out. It looked like it had such an arthouse beginning, and then we realized the projector wasn't working. Anyway, yes, I went to see True Grit tonight and am not *completely* overcome with homesickness. It was good to see New Mexico again.

Other than that, I've spent the whole day working on agent submissions, which is to say I've sent out three. It takes so long to prepare a query letter when you try to tailor them to each individual agent. The hours I've spent querying... I hope have helped me get better at it.

Meanwhile, I'm now working on a young adult non-science fiction or fantasy novel. I figured I'd stretch myself a little. One advantage of having no agent or novel sales is that no one can complain that I'm not being consistent, etc. Might as well stretch, and if someone wants to start paying me, then I'll settle into a genre :-)

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