Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fifty bucks for my book???

Okay, I was just on Amazon, where new copies of my book are posted at $48.00. Notice I don't say they're selling for that amount of money, because I find it hard to believe that they are. Not to be self-insulting, but fifty bucks for LDS light romance??? I don't think there are many women my age, surrounded by screaming children, willing to fork over that kind of cash. Fortunately there are used ones available on the site, or you can go to www.seagullbook.com to get it for about six bucks.

Or if all else fails, email me. I have a few copies I bought for six pounds I'd be happy to pass on at cost.


  1. This happens with lots of books. It's mostly automated--the sellers don't actually have the book in stock, but if someone buys they try to get a copy and just cancel the sale if they can't. I've seen other novels being sold at over a hundred dollars, but it's almost always for books that are out of print.

  2. That makes sense, and yes, I assume the book is out of print at this point. I welcome that, as the rights revert to me after a certain period of time.