Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Post up on Black Gate

I just posted on the Black Gate website about my book tie-in jewelry. Head on over there to see pictures of the different "drafts" I did of pieces, including an alternate front cover of the Magick Book pendant that Stephanie Burgis passed on.

An excerpt from the post:

I’ve produced three designs, a pendant that I released at the same time that Kat, Incorrigible hit bookstores, a pair of earrings that debuted at the launch party for the second book, A Tangle of Magicks (this will be released as Renegade Magic in the US next year), and a charm bracelet that just went on the market about an hour before I sat down to write this post. One might ask, how big is the market for book tie-in jewelry like this? I have no idea. Ask me in a year or two. What I can talk about, though, is how we started this venture.
Head on over to www.blackgate.com to read the rest!

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