Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Interview with Ty Franck, aka James SA Corey, on Black Gate

Today's post is over on the Black Gate website. I've interviewed Ty Franck, the other half of the writing team that is James S.A. Corey, authors of the brilliant Expanse series. Here's an excerpt:

I first met Ty Franck online, then in person at LosCon, and we’ve been friends ever since. He blames me for a lot of things that have happened in his life, but the truth is he warps the forces of space, time, and luck to create his own mini-universe with its own rules, as you’ll see from the interview below. My story of Ty that I think gives the most accurate impression of the kind of guy he is, is one he’s probably tired of hearing me tell. But it bears retelling.
Years ago he was held up at gunpoint at his workplace, after hours. Gangsters broke in, cut the phone lines, and tied up both him and another woman who was working late. Ty managed to keep talking to get the gangsters off guard, and then when they left the room, his coworker untied him and he used the company’s internet (which wasn’t connected to the phone lines) to message another office, who in turn called 911.
Yes, this is a true story, but I haven’t gotten to the most unbelievable part yet. After the police arrived and sat Ty down for questioning. The dialogue went something like this:
“What can you tell us about your attackers?”
“Well, they were armed with a Glock 40.”
“So you know guns, then?”
“No, not really.”
“But you know Glocks?”
“So how do you know it was a Glock 40?”
“Because they were holding it about here-” Ty mimes having a gun held to his forehead “-and you could read it on the side. It said, Glock 40.”
Ty would be my first choice of friend to have around during the zombie apocalypse. I call dibs
To read the rest, head on over here. 


  1. What else can I say except "Cool"? Just plain cool. :-)

  2. Thanks Melanie! Have you read to the part where he swallowed a moth yet?

  3. You all Don't Know TY, and his wife Jayne' do you? Looking for feed back...

  4. My interview contains most everything I care to divulge about Ty. His family is part of his private life, so you won't find details of that that in my post.

  5. Yes, I got to the part about the moth and laughed at the way it was a surprise for both of them. And him working for George R. R. Martin ... wow. Just wow. :-) Looking forward to more such interviews whenever you have the chance.

  6. Next month is David Barr Kirtley, who does the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy on io9, and then the month after is Walter Jon Williams.