Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My first audio interview is up on Black Gate! 45 minutes with Jane Lindskold

While I was back home in New Mexico, I decided to record some audio interviews with local writers, thinking that I could perhaps transcribe them, or see if Black Gate would let me post them. Turns out that if you tell the site admin that you've got a 40 minute audio interview with Jane Lindskold, the answer to whether you can post it on the site is a resounding yes. Black Gate is currently making changes so that people can subscribe to a podcast of me talking to various writers. This is an exciting new direction for me, and an excuse to call up cool people to talk to them about writing and speculative fiction.

Jane's wrote a lot of great books, but here I'll link my personal favorite, which is one of my favorite books of all time, Child of a Rainless Year. Think magical realism, New Mexican history, and a coming of age story for an adult, mature woman. Actually, even if that description doesn't hook you, just read the book. It's fantastic.

To hear Jane, click over to the first ever audio interview for Black Gate!

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