Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My interview of Melinda Snodgrass for Black Gate

Today's blogpost is actually over on Black Gate and is an audio interview of my longtime friend and writer's group-mate, Melinda Snodgrass. Included in this interview is:
  1. The latest scoop on her just released novel, This Case Is Gonna Kill Me, written as Phillipa Bornikova.
  2. The story of how she wrote one of the most famous Star Trek episodes of all time. Prepare to be disgusted. She wrote it as a spec, sold it, and saw it produced. And there will be special screenings of the director's cut of it in select theaters soon.
  3. Her current film project, writing a script for the Wild Cards franchise.
  4. Hilarious stories from the set of her series pilot, Star Command.
  5. Various random stuff about George RR Martin. Melinda is who Game of Thrones is dedicated to.
Hop on over to Black Gate to hear it all. The entire interview is about 44 minutes long.

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