Saturday, March 16, 2013

My interview of Ellen Datlow on Black Gate

Talk about a gorgeous cover. Check out Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, edited by Ellen Datlow. Actually, before you run off and buy that (or after, yeah you can go ahead because my associates code is in that link, just make sure to come back), go listen to my interview of Ellen on Black Gate.

As you'll probably be able to tell from the tenor of our exchange, Ellen and I have known each other for a long time, because my life is that cool. We met at Clarion West when I was a student in 2001 and she our Editor in Residence fifth week. She told me to keep at my writing and that I had promise, and has still never bought one of my stories, which really is okay by me. She selects the cream of the crop, so it may be a decade or two before I'm in the running.

Real quotes from the interview include Ellen saying, "Oh I hate that," to one of my questions. How often do you hear that from Ellen? She doesn't even say that in her rejection letters! As always, it was very cool to have an excuse to talk to her, and you should definitely go hear what she has to say.

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