Wednesday, July 17, 2013

T minus 8

I've been busy spreading the news to our friends first, but I think I've got everyone now (or I hope I do). Our time here in the UK is drawing to a close and we're moving back to the US next week. I haven't detailed much about our decision whether to leave or to stay because I didn't want to put any pressure on Trevor, whose decision it was. He did interview with a few places and was offered a job at an investment bank here, but we've decided to return to New Mexico and his job there.

So now it's time to say goodbye to London and the three and a half wonderful years we've spent here. We arrived as a family of three with a little jewelry business on the side (mine). We leave as a family of four with a book design business on the side that is growing fast (also mine). I also began to earn money as a writer over here, more than the pennies I brought in selling short stories, thanks to the rise of indie publishing. We got to experience the Olympics and see the closing ceremony of the Paralympics live. We got to see our kids take their first steps and learn their first words, and yes, they do have British accents right now, though we're not sure how the younger one, who is around us all the time and sees only American television managed to do that.

Since we're on our way out, I'll be able to post pictures of our home and such, which I'll be taking over the next few days. When they go up will depend on how insane the move is. Anyone else we've forgotten to meet up with, get in touch!

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