Friday, August 8, 2014


For the next week, we'll continue to be "homeless". We have a home, and new one in Santa Fe, but we are renovating it and hence are moving around, from my parents' house to a hotel and so forth. We love our new home, but to live there right now would be difficult because it has no kitchen.

Obviously, I can't give too many details about our new home (one of the few writers I know who had a stalker was less famous than I - which is to say, not famous at all), but I love the place we found. Santa Fe has always been one of my favorite places in the world. I grew up just north of it in Los Alamos (something I can now talk about since I don't live there anymore - it's a small town, so talking about it while I was there would have been almost like giving out my home address).

People who know me know I'm a northern New Mexican through and through, even though I've only lived here since I was one. (If you think that's long enough to be a native of the place, you likely aren't New Mexican.) I used to joke with my law clients about how far my heritage doesn't go back in this state, as quite a few of them were Hispanic (yes, that is the term used here, locally, so please no Latino/Chicanos pouncing on me for using it), or Native American.

Once our renovations are done, I'll be posting some before/after pictures of the interior of our new place. It's an old, historic adobe that was somewhat run down when we bought it. We're gutting much of it and redoing the interior. It's a small place - by American standards, I guess. Less than 1,000 square feet, though we might add on a second bathroom and office for me, which would put us just over 1,000. (This is how we're able to afford the renovations - this house was well within our budget to purchase.) People may think we're nuts for cramming a family of four into this space, especially with two boys who are likely to grow up very big and tall, but we'll see how it goes.

Most of all, I'm grateful to raise my kids in the culture (or cultures, more precisely) that I grew up in. If I could pick anywhere in the world for them to call home, it would be Santa Fe.

Also, I'm about to embark on writing and publishing some fantasy and science fiction works, but more on that later!

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