Monday, September 8, 2008

Another LDS novel and getting more agent subs out

I'm 16,000 words into the next LDS novel. I'm making faster progress than usual, I find, because of my outline. I'd sort of given up on outlining a few years ago because it never seemed to work all that well, but I guess I've gotten much better at it. I'll make it my practice from here on out, I think.

The novel will probably differ in some material ways from the outline. Sometimes you have to see the story played out to get the proportions of the plot right, but still, it's good to have the framework.

Meanwhile, I love my writer's group. I need to put together an outline of my SF book for an agent - which is to say I need to identify which synopsis type document I've created is closest and then adapt it. I did some research online and emailed Critical Mass. An hour later I've got the outline pitches for three Walter Jon Williams novels. He's rather good, if you've never read him ;-)

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