Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big news

I've not posted for the last couple of days as I try to fill friends and family in on the news. I've no doubt missed people, for which I'm sorry, but it isn't an intentional slight.

In March, Trevor and I are expecting a baby. For this we thank the Center for Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico, who helped us beat the odds after four years of infertility. We've made it through the first trimester and had the ultrasound. So far, so good. The technician thinks it's a boy, though it's not possible to be definitive right now. Neither Trevor nor I have the slightest preference.

To answer all of the usual questions:

Yes, we're excited and happy.

We feel about as ready as we'll ever be.

Yes, our parents/siblings/insert whomever you're asking about are happy too. Or if they're not, they wouldn't tell us, now would they?

No, we don't have names picked out yet.

I'm exhausted. I've been off my insomnia medication for about four months now, and have six left to go. What's slightly amusing to me is that the medical professionals I'm dealing with now are appalled at how little sleep I get and keep asking me if I want to go on various sleep aids. For fifteen years I had doctors smiling at me condescendingly when I explained that I couldn't sleep and they didn't help at all. Now they care? For this, I'm more than willing to endure some exhaustion.

Otherwise I'm feeling fine. No morning sickness. No real symptoms at all. Thank goodness for ultrasounds so that I can see that I really am pregnant.

Go ahead and tell whomever you like. Really, I'm okay with not having yet another phone call to make in which I answer all of these questions. I love you guys, but note, I'm really, really tired these days.

Do not pat my stomach!

Anyone who asks any of the above questions more than once will be referred to this URL. I suppose I'm just not all that sentimental, but I really don't understand why people even ask the first few. I suppose it's perceived as polite, but really, I wouldn't be at all offended at just a smile and a nod at the news. A lot of people have babies all the time, I get that. And I'm always tempted to come up with obnoxious answers for my own entertainment :-)


  1. Wow, Emily. Congratulations!


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  3. Congratulations!! (The previous message was me, logged in incorrectly.)

  4. Well, holy cow! That's fantastic. Congratulations!

    (And hey, Blogger is letting me comment on your blog now. Probably because it's such a momentous piece of news.)

  5. Thanks all! And Walter and Ian, I think I'm going to miss the March Critical Mass meeting. Hope this is a valid excuse?

  6. Well, if you *have* to miss the March meeting...

    But, you know, CM has pretty stringent rules about attendance. Your baby will have to submit something soon if he/she wants to keep coming to meetings.