Thursday, November 5, 2009

Road trip

I'm a little scattered as I post this as one of my favorite people is enduring the unimaginable. Without going into personal detail, suffice it to say that it makes my problems with my mortgage company look like nothing. To my friend, know that you're in our prayers and you can call me anytime at all.

Meanwhile, Trevor and my son and I are going on a road trip tomorrow to see our beloved New Mexico before we move. We'll head down to places like Carlsbad, White Sands, and of course, Roswell. I've done this trip once before when I was a kid, and it should be a good chance to make some lasting memories.

My novel's at 21k words, but that means nothing much, really. I'm still in the phase of ripping things out and rewriting them over and over. I wish I did better first drafts, but I just plain don't. Oh well.

And if I miss out on writing or memory making because I'm up at all hours talking to my friend - I've got unlimited minutes cell to cell. There are some things more important than finishing a novel, or my beloved home state.

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