Friday, November 20, 2009

Still getting mortgage bills

So, we went back to the title company to try one more time to get the mortgage company off our backs. Our payoff went through, but Chase (yeah, I'm just using their names now) didn't backdate it, so we had some more fees and got another bill this month. Chase also claimed they never got an authorization from us to close the account (though we have our copy of it).

This time we just showed up at the title company unannounced and when we were told that our closer was in another closing, I asked them to get someone else to help us. The receptionist went back, got the office manager, and the office manager said and did all the right things. He called Chase and decided to have his company pay off the rest of the account. We hope that Chase gets all of the required paperwork and follows through.

While Chase is clearly a pain to deal with in these situations, at this point I was getting very annoyed with the title company. Getting our accounts closed was their job, and I'm not happy that both times I tried calling first, but had to show up physically two days later to get the issue resolved. Chase has to be double and triple checked to make sure they do what they say they will. Just a precautionary tale that I hope is over!

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