Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anthology up for preorder on Amazon

Okay, this week is going to be IN-SANE, but I'll try to blog a lot to make up for me being away from the internet next week while I find a new home in London. Thanks, Melanie, for your kind wishes! We'll almost be neighbors soon - by American standards, if not European.

First off, The Dragon and the Stars is available for pre-order on Amazon.com. My story, Across the Sea, will appear there, and the anthology will be out in May. And I need to remember to email this to everyone who's asked about it, but I won't do that now because it's 12:30 am.

And I need to go to bed before I get hungry because I'm not allowed to eat anything until after surgery tomorrow (well, later on today, if you want to be technical). I'm getting my deviated septum un-deviated. My last round of surgery went very well and last week my nose did this totally amazing thing. It weathered a cold without my going on antibiotics!!! I've done that perhaps twice in my life, and I've been sick a lot more than that. I won't go into all the disgusting details, but suffice it to say that not having all airway passages swollen shut makes it a lot harder for infections to take hold and spread. The top of my nose is still narrow, though, and when I last lived in the UK, I had a cold for about three years straight. I must've gone on antibiotics over a dozen times. I'd like to avoid that.

Okay, bed time for me. I'm sure you've all really enjoyed reading about my nasal passages. Maybe I should just plug the anthology one more time to get your mind onto something that (I hope) is more pleasant for you?

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