Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I survived the anesthetic!

Was it at all likely that I wouldn't? Well, no. But I hope everyone reading this is happy to hear it anyway. If not, sheesh, why are you reading my ramblings?

My surgery went well today and the hospital staff were wonderful. The surgeon, also the bishop of one of the wards up here, has a sense of humor and told them that I was a "famous writer". I hope they don't take him too seriously. I did tell the CRNA that the only bestseller list I'd ever been on was Seagull Book's - and I'd been published by their parent company.

Despite warnings that this surgery would hurt worse than the last one, it doesn't so far. But maybe I shouldn't blog that, if I want to milk it for sympathy here at home....

Anyway, enough about my nose. I'm gonna put up another post about writing here in a sec.

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