Tuesday, November 23, 2010


aI fired up my World of Warcraft account again yesterday, in part because I'm not sleeping and this is something I do to bide time overnight, and in part because I got seven free days of game time. Logging in again after a long absence is always interesting. No guild; friends either offline or playing other characters so it takes me a while to find them again, and enough game changes that I need to relearn how to play my character.

By total, random coincidence, I logged in this morning (middle of the night for the server I play on) and goofed off with some other people, killing elementals in Stormwind (I do not expect that to make any sense to anyone who doesn't play the game), and without knowing it would happen, witnessed the end of the world in the game. World of Warcraft has been redesigned and the new world, a post apocolyptic one, launches today. I knew that was happening, just not so soon.

So I'm glad I got a chance to say goodbye to the old world! I've played the game for years now, so it's a familiar place to me. People mock us gamers for our hobby, but I always ask people to consider their own hobbies. I don't watch television, other than news. I'm not a sports fan. I don't collect much stuff. I like the social interaction that isn't real in a game world. There I have people to talk to, and we can talk at length, but it's not about our lives or jobs or stresses, it's about armor and fight strategies and the game storyline. Exactly the depth of social contact a lot of us need after a long day in the real world, IMO.

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