Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, now I've got my insomnia, a cold, and a son who's learned to climb out of his crib and won't go to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm sure to get very, very tired over the next few weeks here. People have given us all kinds of advice with our son, but we can't find a UK manufacturer of crib tents to keep him in, and the US kind don't look like they'd work. He can figure out how to get through a locked door (remember, he's got a double share of engineer genes) and can vault over the edge of his crib in less than a second. I think he'd make short work of any kind of crib cover, and I actually think that might be more of a hazard than him hopping out. Sooo, we've installed window hardware to keep him from climbing out of the apartment and done our best to childproof the whole room so that if he does get out to play, he'll be safe. He's also taken to rough housing, and what's funny about this is that he'll slap my stomach and the baby will kick back. The fights have started already!

Meanwhile, I'm finishing off edits on my YA science fiction. My friend, Char, got back to me with part of her critique and gave me the green light - Char often catches deep structural problems, so the fact that she didn't see any here saves me a ton of work. I just need to polish, and I'm getting there. My main struggle is to keep up the energy to keep typing :-)

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