Monday, April 16, 2012

Best in Modern Arabian Fantasy: Howard Andrew Jones

Today's post (or more accurately yesterday's) is over on Black Gate and is the first in a series on the best in modern Arabian fantasy. I was given the opportunity to do this series by John O'Niell, and I'm very grateful as it's an excuse to read a lot of great books and interview authors. This week I interviewed Howard Andrew Jones about his book, Desert of Souls. Here's a sample:
Can you give us a thumbnail sketch of the time period and the historical events of the time? 
Well, a thumbnail can’t do it justice. The 8th century Abbasid caliphate was comparable in many ways to Renaissance Europe because it was undergoing a fabulous expansion in all manner of fields — literature, science, and mathematics. The middle class was growing, and merchants prospered and brought in fabulous items from distant lands. A talented and enterprising commoner might rise very high indeed. In later years the 8th century was looked upon as a golden age, especially the time of Harun al-Rashid, even though the rule of one of his sons, Al Ma’mun , was probably more enlightened.
To see the rest, head on over to Black Gate!

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