Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Black Gate Interview with Laxmi Hariharan!

It's been a crazy few weeks around here. I got the final draft of my next chick lit (which will come out under the E.M. Tippetts pen name) finished, and I'm now working on a science fiction novel that an agent has asked to see.

But during all the insanity, I also had the opportunity to interview Laxmi Hariharan for Black Gate. I had the privilege of meeting Laxmi through a mutual friend, and I can't help but be chuffed that I got an interview with her. She's an indie author and a professional marketer, and one of the first indie authors to successfully launch a book in India! Given the size of that market, this is a BIG deal.

The company she partnered with to do this is Read Out Loud, and she was one of their first clients. Her book, The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer, is set in Bombay, where Laxmi grew up, and is a YA dystopia. It's unique setting and cultural world view really set it apart from the glut of other YA dystopias in the market. Ruby is a strong female character, unlike any you've seen before.

It's also part of a wider series, and the latest installment, The First Life of Vikram Roy, has just recently come out. Tune in to her interview below, and if you want to be able to skip to specific parts or topics, click the link to go to YouTube and expand the video description. Your timestamp links are there.


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