Saturday, April 15, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors by Jane Lindskold - Out for the first time as an ebook!

One of the coolest things I've been able to do lately is to work with Jane Lindskold on releasing some of her backlist as ebooks. The first of these is her classic, Smoke and Mirrors, which you can get on:

The gorgeous cover is by Linda Caldwell, who works over at E.M. Tippetts Book Designs.

How do you fight an enemy who can, literally, change your mind?

From the moment she first senses the whispers of the alien mind within the thoughts of her current client, Smokey – touch telepath, industrial spy, and high-end prostitute – becomes an unwitting player in a conflict that may be as old as humanity.

Determined to protect herself and her young daughter, Smokey soon realizes that the stakes are much, much higher.

After millennia of setting up the field, the aliens may be making their final move. If Smokey is to defeat them, she must win the respect and trust of people who despise her – perhaps at the cost of those she loves the most.

This reprint of the 1996 science fiction novel features an original afterword by the author.

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