Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm new at this, obviously

For the past several days I've been working on odds and ends as the release date for the novel nears. My other site's had pages hauled around as I try to streamline its design. I'm still very awkward with Wordpress, so it's always slow going.

I spoke to in independent bookstore manager in Montana who recommended that I write up some book club questions for the book, as she gets a lot of literacy groups in that want that kind of thing, so I asked a bunch of people about what usually goes into such questions. My sister gave me a million links to chick-lit author sites. My friend who is in charge of her ward literacy program in Albuquerque gave me some helpful advice on the phone. Then my mom and I watched the movie, In Her Shoes, and did the book club questions on Jennifer Weiner's site. I've got a draft of book club questions up for Time and Eternity on my other site now. They'll no doubt change as I learn more about this kind of thing.

My mother and I also did some bookplates while I wait for the real ones to be designed. We had a lot of fun doing this, my mother tracing artwork in pencil of my site along with my name, which she then scanned into the computer so that we could arrange them on avery labels. This took several hours, but I really liked the outcome. Then someone pointed out that because we'd used the traced name, the book plates said, rather than the actual site, *sigh* Oh well. The ones that Richard Mueller are designing won't have that problem.

Some dear friends of mine have even posted reviews for the book on, some very nice reviews. You know, nice enough to make me paranoid that everyone will think I bribed them or something.

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