Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner with Junot and Chip

Okay, I don't really refer to Junot Diaz and Samuel R. Delany by their first names normally, but I did get to have dinner with them on Wednesday, which was very cool. They were in Santa Fe in order to do an interview at the Lensic theater, and the members of Critical Mass decided to invite them out to eat. The two were already booked for dinner after the event, so they instead met up with us beforehand at a nearby restaurant. They had drinks and snacks while we all socialized and ate.

I wasn't able to commit early enough to get tickets to the interview, but I don't think many will pity me because I got to spend over an hour sitting next to Mr. Delany and down the table from Mr. Diaz, talking with them about writing and gaming and other nerdery. Both are wonderfully outgoing people, and it was my first chance to meet either of them.

Samuel R. Delany is a regular teacher at the Clarion workshops, though he didn't teach the years any of us from Critical Mass went. Pulitzer Prize winner, Junot Diaz, is a fan of Daniel Abraham and even blurbed one of his books. Over dinner he and Walter Jon Williams discussed the Rio Hondo workshop (Junot sounded like he wants to go!)

Then yesterday, I went to a new OBGYN practice and finally learned what is most likely causing the strange chest pressure. The nurse said it was likely the altitude; she'd seen cases like mine before. Sounds simple enough.

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